Photo Gallery

When I was about 12 years old, I got a camera for Christmas. I loved it. I had not asked for it but it could not have been a better present and since that day I have developed a love for taking pictures that continues to this day. Now, I certainly do not fancy myself a photographer in any way shape or form. It is just a hobby that has given me years of pleasure and every now and then I think I get lucky and take a good picture. I decided that I wanted to share this  little thing with y’all and hope that you enjoy looking at memories and images of some of my adventures and travels.

I have always said my whole life that you never know what you will find until you get out and start looking for something…and it is so true…and you do not even have to be looking for anything to find something…it may be an earth shattering discovery or just something simple that is out of the ordinary that just brings a smile to your face or makes you feel good…. like being out walking around and look down and see a baby horny toad or turning down a dirt road and finding a crystal clear stream that a fox is swimming in…you never know what will happen if you turn left instead of right or take a new path…there are wonders all around you seek them out and relish in your discoveries.