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A NEW collection of home grown recipes straight out of the heart of the Lone Star State!

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“My childhood was like a Norman Rockwell painting. I was raised in Fort Worth, Texas, but my grandparents lived on a 5,000-acre cattle ranch about 30 miles from Fort Worth called “The Little Hoss Ranch.” I was also raised there. My grandfather was a cowboy and the ranch manager. Although the ranch was owned by someone else, my family saw it as our home.

To this day when I think of my childhood home, I think of the ranch. It was part of my life as far back as I can remember. It was the beginning of food memories for me—eating watermelon on the front steps, waiting with anticipation for homemade ice cream to get ready, Sunday dinners, birthdays, 4th of July cookouts, picnics and socials on Fall Creek.

My grandmother was an amazing cook, and food was part of our lives in a way that transcended nourishment for the body. It was nourishment for your soul. It brought family, friends, and neighbors together. It was used to comfort us in times of need and sorrow, to celebrate the good times, and became a thread that wove through the fabric of our lives and bound us
all together.

Stan McDonald, The Texas Chef


Texas Bandana (Buddy not included)


Hey folks brand new to the General Store are these beautiful Texas Flag Bandanas. They are BIG – 22″x22″ and are perfect for head bands, neck wraps or even decorative.  I have a friend here that volunteered to model them for me.  Order your Texas Bandana today…Thanks Buddy!